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The weapons of “KRABI KRABONG”

Krabi krabong is a weapon-based martial art from Thailand. Krabi krabong was developed by the ancient Siamese military for fighting on the battlefield. It may have been used in conjunction with muay boran but whether the two arts were developed together or independently is uncertain The royal bodyguard corps of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) are said to be highly trained experts of krabi krabong.

The system’s name refers to its main weapons, namely the curved sword (krabi) and staff (krabong). Typically, two swords are wielded as a pair. Unarmed krabi krabong makes use of kicks, pressure point strikes, joint locks, holds, and throws.

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The weapons of krabi krabong include the following :



Krabi กระบี่ – sabre/single-edge sword
Krabi is the weapon used for fighting on the ground, similar to Daab but smaller and tinner.

Krabong กระบอง- staff/pole
Krabong is the Thai stick fighting system , Fighting technique is essentially based on the turning movement of the stick using the end for attack and the middle for defense .

Daab Song Mue ดาบสองมือ – double swords, one in each hand
Daab is the weapon used for fighting on the ground or on a horseback .Daab Song Mue is pair of sowrd held in both hands .



Loh โล่ – shield/buckler
. Loh (shield): a protective device, made of hide or weaved rattan, or metal, round in shape, bulging out at the centre

Plong พลอง – stick
Plong is a long weapon about two meters for striking

Ngaw ง้าว – bladed staff
Ngaw is a long weapon for slashing and stabbing, the Ngaaw itself is made of good quality iron, flat with a curved tip similar to that of the daab but shorter in length, with a long wooden handle, to be used for fighting at a distance from an elephant’s back.

Mai sok san ไม้ศอก – a pair of clubs worn on the forearms
Mai son is or short stick is a weapon used for practicing for the flexiblity in movement, and is often used against plong. a square piece of wood shaped to the bones of the forearm, to be worn on both forearms and used both as a striking and blocking weapon.
The Thai arrange the said equipment or weapons into 3 catagories according to their purpose.
1. Real weapons: used in fighting and warfare.
2. Imitation weapons used for performing demonstrations: called “kreuang mai ram”,
3. Imitation weapons used for training: called “kreuang mai dtee”.
The important skills to be learnt in Krabi-Krabing are those of: skill in weapon performance and skill in striking (skill in fighting).

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